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Looking for Career

Introducing an AI tool that sticks with you
throughout your career progression journey!

Your personal AI tool that keeps you
ahead in your career goals

Career Map smartly identifies your gaps through
real data from real people & provide
resources more intelligently.

What's Unique About Us

Career Map is not a job portal; neither an eLearning platform nor a professional networking website. It is an ecosystem with a REAL TIME career development tool, combined with a marketplace that supports students and professionals AROUND THE WORLD.

Join today to take your career to a new height
and overcome the gaps in your careers!

Why Career Map?

Enhance Professional Horizon

Freedom to choose your target

Comparison of global & regional scale

Provide real time next level update on different segments

Navigate actual real time CareerMap

professional gaps

Explore learning resources through marketplace

Get your hands on it

Experience the new way of career decision; find out relevant insights of your desire career that can keep you ready on the go. DOWNLOAD THE APP

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